DEVASTATORS blow to Donald Trump: Congress announces clear evidence against him – News on sources


The House of Representatives has evidence of US President Donald Trump's involvement in an "extortion scheme" to condone Ukraine's military assistance in investigating White House leader political opponents, says Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell.

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"It is important for the president to respect his judicial rights. And the evidence is not conclusive. We have sufficient evidence from the depositions obtained to guarantee the advancement of the proceedings. It is evidence of an extortion scheme, using the dollars paid by taxpayers, to request for a foreign government to investigate an opponent of the president, "said Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell, a member of the House of Representatives Committee on Information, in an interview with CBS.

"But it is important for the people who are called to the hearing to raise their right hand and receive questions from both Democrats and Republicans. The president will receive these things," said Eric Swalwell, according to

The House of Representatives, under the control of the Democratic opposition, has launched a parliamentary inquiry that could lead to the initiation of the procedure of resignation of President Donald Trump, suspected of having asked Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joseph Biden, a favorite to become the candidate of the Democratic Party in the position of president US, and his son, Hunter Biden. In the course of the investigation, the House of Representatives sent summonses asking members of the Washington Administration to attend hearings and provide documents regarding President Donald Trump's contacts with Ukraine. In response, the US Senate Committee on Judicial Affairs, in which Republicans hold the majority, announced the launch of an investigation into alleged corruption in Ukraine.

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