Director Roman Polanski, accused of raping an "extremely violent" 18-year-old French actress. The shocking testimony of the woman


Director Roman Polanski was accused by the actress Valentine Monnier of raping her "extremely violent" in 1975, when she was only 18, according to an interview with the artist Le Parisien.

Image of the article Director Roman Polanski, accused of raping "extremely violent" an 18-year-old French actress. The shocking testimony of the woman

Director Roman Polanski, accused of raping "extremely violent" 18-year-old French actress

The 86-year-old director is accused of raping the young woman while they were at a ski resort in Switzerland in Gstaad.

Monnier, now 62, said he had no connection with the director, neither personal nor professional, and that he barely knew him. The actress said the rape was "extremely violent".

"He hit me with my fists until I gave in and raped me, doing all kinds of other things to me," confessed Monnier.

A French lawyer representing Polanski, Hervé Temime, forwarded a statement to Le Parisien from the director who firmly denies all allegations of rape, pointing out that the reproaches "dating back 45 years have never been claimed to the authorities" .

Valentine Monnier appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine in 1977.

Monnier said he made the disclosures against the release of Polanski's most recent film, "J'Accuse."

"Rape is a clock bomb," Monnier explained. “The memory is not erased. It becomes a haunting scam and influences you in the most treacherous way. ”

Polanski pleaded guilty in 1977, when he was accused of sex with a minor, after 13-year-old Samantha Greimer accused him of drunkenness and drugging.

He served 42 days in prison and was released following an agreement. She took refuge in France when she was asked to serve another 90 days in prison, according to People's platform.

The US authorities tried to extradite him without success and the case was not closed despite the fact that the victim then, Greimer, demanded the closing of legal proceedings.

The director was also accused in October 2017 of raping the German actress Renate Langer at Gstaad in 1972. She was 15 years old at the moment. The director's lawyer also characterized those accusations as "baseless".

Roman Polanski was born in 1933, in Paris and is known as a director, producer, actor and screenwriter. He grew up in Poland. During World War II his family was deported by the Nazis to the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. Only his father survived. Roman managed to hide from the stage when the family was locked up in the Krakow Ghetto. He debuted as a filmmaker in Communist Poland, with internationally successful short films. His first feature, "Knife in Water", in 1962 was the first Polish production nominated for an Oscar. He emigrated to France and made award-winning films at the Berlin International Film Festival ("Repulsion" and "The Foundation"), before settling in Hollywood in 1968. He directed in the United States major productions such as "Rosemary´s Baby" ”Or“ Chinatown ”. In 1969, his wife, who was pregnant at the time, actress Sharon Tate and four family friends were brutally killed by supporters of Charles Manson in Los Angeles. He continued to direct films in Europe and the United States until he was accused of drugging and raping a minor in 1977. After leaving America, he made films like "Tess" (1979), with Nastassja Kinski brought Cesar awards for Best Picture and Best Director, and in 2002 he won three Oscars for "Pianist" production, with Adrien Brody. The American Film Academy voted to exclude Roman Polanski from its ranks in 2018, against the backdrop of the #metoo campaign.

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