Disturbing interview: Former national handball coach, cancer patient, burst into tears on the phone


Sorina Tîrcă (20 years) and Laura Chiper (30 years) are missing from the group of 18 who will be moving to Japan.

The first is the second best scorer in the National League this season, having 61 goals for Corona Brasov, where she is coached by her mother, Mariana Tîrcă. This is where a controversial situation started. It is reported that Sorina Tîrcă, although in great shape and a 20-year-old prospect, was not included in the national team, because her mother, Mariana Tîrcă, is in cold relations with the president of the Romanian Handball Federation (FRH), Alexandru. Dedu!

And the absence of Laura Chiper raised questions, given that the handball player legitimized at CSM Bucharest started playing for Romania in 2010 and, in 2015, won the bronze with the first representative at the World Cup in Denmark.

Ever since coach Tomas Ryde announced the squad for this year's World Cup, the absence of the two handball players has been an intensely commented topic, almost daily. However, the hardest reaction came from Gheorghe Ionescu (76 years old), former coach at Oltchim, Steaua, CSM Ploieşti, Minaur Baia Mare, Cetate Deva and Mureşul Tg. Mures. He also sat on the National Bank of Romania at the 1995 World Cup, but he was also the DR Congo coach at the 2007 World Cup.

The most important statements made by Gheorghe Ionescu

* I'm upset, sir! These coaches are against the Romanian team by the selection made! Mr Ryde does not know the potential of these players. How not to call Chiper and Tîrcă? The first is a delightful player. When I was a coach in Ploiesti, I went personally to Bacău to talk to her, to come to us. With her and Burghel. Braşov took them. I watched her career, she has an incredible throw from the extreme. That little Tîrcă, too. Sir, is he a goalscorer in the championship and you don't call him?

* Look, I'm telling you something. If I had three of Neagu (n.r. – Cristina Neagu) on the left side, I would have taken Tîrcă. For the evolution of tomorrow, of tomorrow. She is the future, she is 20 years old. This girl can be traumatized if she sees the scandal around her uncalled for.

* Seraficeanu, I have nothing with her, but she does not have the value of Chiper. She got Buceschi (no. – Costică Buceschi, Tomas Ryde's assistant) because he was from the club. How many times I watched their matches did not make me jump. You immediately notice Chiper. And on the left, sir, between Neagu, Târcă, Perianu, Bazaliu, I take Neagu and Tîrcă, without thinking. But there were other solutions. They could leave a center, Pristăviţă or Zamfirescu, and so they won't play.

* Who to answer, Ryde? Well, sir, he packs up and leaves. And it leaves us with shame, with disqualification at the Olympics. What do you think interests him too much? But President Dedu is guilty. He dismisses a club team as incompetent and keeps him at home. Why? Look, you can see CSM Bucharest, since he left, that things are much better.

* I see everything that is transmitted on TV, I miss nothing. I'm sick of handball, sir! And now I was going to Japan, but I have serious health problems. Bone cancer is advancing. (Cry). But as long as I live, I want results in this handball. That is how I ate my health. I pay Ryde's planes for this, he does the shuttle to Sweden, instead of putting a Romanian of ours, to train with his soul.

Romania's World Program

* November 30: Romania – Spain

* December 1: Senegal – Romania

* December 3: Romania – Kazakhstan

* December 4: Montenegro – Romania

* December 6: Romania – Hungary

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