"Do you know what it is"


A man from Teleorman County was filmed on the day of the vote, taking old men to the polling station by personal car. As soon as he got out of the car, he reminded the pensioners he was carrying: "Do you know what it is", then became aggressive with the person who filmed everything, Mediafax reports.

The incident happened in the Teleormanean commune Calmățuiu de Sus, where a delegate from section 134 observed a man bringing old men to the polls with his personal car.

The man reminded those transported to vote as they were. The elders respond: "Leave, we see!" And they went to the polling station.

Seeing that he was filmed, the man in the car becomes aggressive: "What do you want sir? What do you want? Give me, me, in the news, me! Yeah, hen you're a job, me! Well, you are not your president … ”.

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After this reply, the man hits the camera that was filming him. However, the moment remained immortalized and posted on the Facebook page of the political party of which the delegate who noted the incident is part.

A complaint regarding this incident was registered with IPJ Teleorman and was given for verification. However, no complaint has been filed with the BEJ yet.

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