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The police have been cut, and just need a lot more money, just like the care and education sectors. But no, all our money is rather given away to Emigration, Environment or Europe. 8) 7

• Police are not cut to pieces. They are increasingly assigned tasks that do not belong at all.
Well-known phenomena are "confused people" and the countless (successful) suicide attempts that people make every year.
• Education does not need more money, the annual salary of teachers has been in line with HBO for years.
The big problem in education is that there is a lot of overhead from part-time teachers. Roughly 1/3 of your time he is not in contact with students, but you can and not just split that proportionally and you have transfer to other teachers.
• Environment is extra income for government or companies. Fuel excise tax goes largely to general means, gas tax and light goes largely to companies so that they can "invest". The same companies pay a lot less to almost nothing, because otherwise it is a distortion of competition abroad.
• Migration is abuse.
It is put away as something human-loving, but practice shows otherwise.
Guest workers have done dirty, dirty tasks with no future. Migrants from the EU again do the same dirty tasks at minimum wage. Employers then threaten that the costs will all rise if they were no longer there. Asylum seekers is a completely separate branch of sport that offers employment for a great many people.
The status holders themselves are lagging behind, among other things, in the language that generations pass, they get bad jobs if they can hold on to them, and they suffer from many psychological problems https://www.ad.nl/binnenl…en-or-migranten~a265feea /
Is employment again for many people at municipalities that guide them throughout their lives.

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