Each Spanish will spend an average of 258 euros on Black Friday


Black Friday is coming. And in Spain we have already adapted it, making it a custom of that crazy shopping calendar that reaches Christmas and only ends with the Kings. In that party of consumption that is Black Friday, Each Spanish will spend an average of 258 euros.

According to a survey of 13,000 people in eight European countries by the consultant Oliver Wyman, a 84% of Spaniards will participate in Black Friday promotions, compared to the European average, which stands at 64%.

The survey also shows that the 20% of Spanish purchases will be substitutes for Christmas gifts or birthday (the highest number of all countries analyzed). This data coincides with the fact that buyers in Spain are the most likely to delay the purchase if the product has no discount – up to 50% of cases.

The Spaniards will opt mostly for articles of electronics or computing (41%) and fashion items (35%). However, this choice is very conditioned to the classic gender roles. Thus, the survey shows that men will choose electronics and computers (56%, compared to 26% in women), while they will choose fashion (47%, compared to 24% of men).

The price of electronics products explains that the top spending of men during this week of promotions. Specifically, 32% of them will spend more than 300 euros, compared with 18% of them. Globally, half of Spaniards between 30 and 40 years old – the segment with the highest spending – will spend more than 200 euros during these days.

Finally, the study analyzes the channels that the Spaniards will use mostly during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. At this point, a 65% of Spaniards say they will use websites that are dedicated only to commerce on-line; 44% will make the purchase on the websites of the distributors; and 41% will go to physical stores.

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