"Either they sit down to talk or we continue with the strikes"


EMT workers will continue the strike even if they have accepted in writing the imminent hiring of 90 drivers. Although this was the main request of the protesters – who will make two-hour work stoppages on 22, 25, 27 and 29, and a 24-hour strike on December 3 – the EMT committee is not satisfied, and This has been communicated to the municipal government during this morning's meeting. Ten minutes have needed both parties to conclude the conversation.

"Nobody is going to negotiate with the EMT company committee while the strike call is maintained," the Consistory has determined. To which the committee responds: "Either sit down and talk to us or we will continue with the strikes."

For the City Council of the capital, the fact that they continue with the strikes after accepting new hires "It is the proof that these mobilizations are merely political", report from the area of ​​Environment and Mobility.

On this, the CCOO representative in the municipal company, Antonio Camacho, insists that 90 positions are "insufficient". "We agree on these new hires, but they are not enough because they do not cover even 15% of the needs we have," Explain 20 minutes.

The EMT committee It will not call off the mobilizations unless the Martínez-Almeida team accepts "a hiring calendar for 2020". "Our demands are not economic nor of agreement, what we want is to give a good service to the citizens," adds Camacho, who says that this was the case before the municipal elections last May.

However, "the management of the EMT corresponds to the management not to the workers", sources in the area of ​​Environment and Mobility point out, and ensure that they will comply with "each and every one of the issues that appear in the agreement." They also report that these 90 drivers will start training next week and after five weeks of learning they will join the service on January 2.

Company Committee Proposal

The committee of the Municipal Transport Company has drafted a proposal consisting of four points addressed to the Madrid City Council and to the Management Directorate of the EMT, which "they have not even wanted to pick up," Antonio Camacho reproaches.

It asks "to agree on a hiring calendar that includes the adequate coverage of the street service," the document says. They also propose the "immediate publication of the personnel approved in the Office Workshop contest", "the publication of the internal competition to provide 71 Office Assistant positions" and "extend for six more months, the employment exchange of the external call for the contest for provide Service Operators for Bicimad. "

A whole series of proposals that the Consistory will not contemplate until the committee cancels the strikes. Strikes that workers will not call until they accept their requests. The fish that bites its tail.

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