EXCLUSIVE | Is the biggest winter transfer in Liga 1 postponed? "It didn't impress me!" Becali has to pay 3 million euros for him


Gigi Becali laid eyes on the defender of the future, but the player does not impress the people of FCSB.

FCSB won the 2-0 victory at Botosani, even though he played half an hour with a man down.

Helmuth Duckadam commented on the victory obtained by the team he represents and accused the arbitration, for the yellow cards often offered for no reason.

Moreover, the FCSB image director also analyzed the evolution of Chindris, who said that he did not impress in Saturday night's game and that he needs to grow until he reaches the team coached by Vintila.

"To the title is a long way. I hope we continue the good series. I would like to win all the matches with CFR, Viitorul and Craiova. In the play-off we will fight for the title.

First of all, the boys understood that without effort, performance cannot be achieved. And, in the last games was seen.

I wasn't impressed with Chindris last night. I watched him, but he didn't impress me. Sure, he's a player of the future. Mr Iftime said, I think he should play more to get the experience.

Planic didn't play a bad game. Sure, the red card was taken for free. Of course, as last night I got a lot of yellow cards, some totally unmerited. Cards were issued because these cards will be seen in the next games, when some players will become unavailable.

There is no problem, it is important that we have a good time. I also agree with Vintila, I think Pantiru would have taken place in the national team ", Helmuth Duckadam told PRO X.

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