Experience and sound improvisation


* Guatemalan cellist Mabe Fratti visits Mexico

Mexico, November 13 (Notimex) .— Guatemalan composer and cellist Mabe Fratti, who has excelled in improvisation, will offer a concert in which she will show her quest to explore and build sound experiences. As a parallel activity to the exhibition The difficult experience of getting out of difficult experiences, by José Luis Sánchez Rull, the Central American will be presented at the Siqueiros Public Art Hall, where he will turn over his 15-year experience in improvisation. According to the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL), those who have had the opportunity to listen to it live or through some of their albums think that Fratti's goal is curiosity to know ways to apply the power of sound and tell stories. From the curiosity that identifies her, Mabe Fratti – who has participated in various festivals – created a radio program focused on the investigation of "risky and experimental music" in Latin America, and also organizes musical or poetic activities. The artist released her first album entitled Pies sobre la tierra, in which she refers to mental space as a site of relative freedom and illusion, which is like interaction with the tangible. For her, the cello is her second language: "dialogue with him and, like the computer, I can play, I always choose a starting point and a sound that can take me to the next one."

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