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The government will grant additional revenues to the miners who will be fired from the Hunedoara Energy Complex and from the Jiu Valley mines, according to a decision adopted on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday, the executive approved a legal framework for British citizens in Romania, in case the UK will leave the European Union without an agreement.

It has details Andrei Şerban: "The emergency ordinance regarding the regime of the citizens of the United Kingdom, in case of leaving this state from the EU, also defends the interests of the Romanian citizens from the United Kingdom – said Ionel Dancă, the head of the Prime Minister's Chancellery.

Ionel Dance: "We should point out that at this time Romania is the only EU country that does not have such a regulation in place, and the unpredictable political developments in the UK make it urgent to adopt such a legal framework in order to avoid the situation in which the UK is leaving. The EU without an agreement and the citizens of the United Kingdom of Romania have no legal conditions for a transit period until the definition of their rights and obligations both in Romania and on the basis of reciprocity of the Romanian citizens in the United Kingdom. "

The government also adopted an emergency ordinance granting additional monthly income for the persons who will be fired from the Hunedoara Energy Complex and from the Uricani and Paroeni mines in the Jiu Valley.

It is estimated that by 2024 over 1,000 people will be fired, who will receive monthly allowances totaling over 91 million lei.

The Emergency Ordinance provides for an additional income depending on seniority, for 12 months for those between 3 and 10 years old and up to 24 months for those over 22 years old. "



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