Facebook alerts of a bug that activates the iPhone camera without permission


The social network Facebook on Tuesday warned of a bug that affects the most updated version of the operating system for iPhone phones and that makes the camera is activated automatically without the user's authorization when it navigates through the mobile application.

In a series of messages on his Twitter account, the Vice President for Facebook Integrity, Guy Rosen, confirmed the existence of the computer failure (bug, as it is known in English), which several users had denounced hours before.

"While solving a problem last week, we mistakenly introduced a programming failure which makes the application (from Facebook) partially navigate to the camera screen when you click on a photograph ", Rosen indicated.

From the social network they assured that at the moment they have no record that because of this fault, photographs or videos have been uploaded to the platform without the authorization of the users and assured that The images displayed by the camera were never saved by the application or uploaded to the server.


Rosen also indicated that they have already sent to the Apple App Store an update that fixes the bug and that they are waiting for it to be approved, Something they trust will happen in the next few hours.

The bug affects some users of iPhone's iOS operating systems, but Not Android.

Several Internet users shared screenshots on Twitter that showed what was happening to them, where you can see how they navigate on Facebook, without them requesting it The screen will show images captured by the camera of the site where they are located.

"When the application (from Facebook) is open, it uses the camera actively. I have found that a programming error in the application is what makes you see the active camera behind your content thread. Notice that the camera showed the carpet ", Twitter user Joshua Maddux said, one of the first to report it.

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