FC Utrecht supporters protest at Stopera


At the City Hall in Amsterdam, more than a hundred FC Utrecht supporters protested briefly against the limitation of the number of fans that will be admitted to the match against Ajax this afternoon. The municipality has determined that no more than 500 supporters may enter, due to incidents during the last game between the two clubs in May.

Ajax and FC Utrecht have mutually allowed a limited number of supporters for a long time to prevent a recurrence of past disturbances. The limit was briefly increased to 650, but has returned to 500 as a result of the recent riots.

Letter with objections delivered

According to the FC Utrecht supporters, much has changed since then, but the municipality of Amsterdam does not want to talk to the Utrecht supporters. The chairman of the supporters' association has delivered a letter with the objections to the Stopera. No one was there this Sunday morning.

Police on horseback and the mobile unit were present at Waterlooplein, but the protest went smoothly.

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