Federer submits Djokovic and allows Nadal to end the year as world number one


The defeat of the Serbian, consummated in 1 hour and 13 minutes, favored the Spanish player. Thus, Nadal will finish 2019 on the cusp even if he does not qualify for the semifinals of this tournament, as he still has to play his third round of this 'round robin' in the other group.

But the Balearic will have less pressure for that commitment, helped from a distance by an excellent Federer in the first set against Djokovic. In this manga, the Swiss was very successful and quickly enjoyed a 'break' ball; Although his rival endured the guy, it was clear that he was going to suffer and the break in the third (2-1).

Eight direct serves, along with two unforced errors to Djokovic, was the great statistic signed by Federer on the opening set. It took just 35 minutes for the Swiss to close it in his favor, having despaired a Djokovic who needed to raise his own level of demand.

However, the Balkan was seized by his adversary again. The first service shift, in the 'Nole' racket, also served as a bad omen of the set. With the peephole well calibrated in his serves and with agility to move his opponent from side to side, Federer exhibited an unattainable style and soon repeated the script.

Thus, the Basel broke in the fifth (3-2) and left his victory channeled. His only moments of doubt, with 30-40 in the immediately preceding game, had resolved them firmly and the Serbian was in tow from that crucial moment.

Thanks to the 6-3 of the second set, sealed in white and the rest, Federer reached for the sixteenth time in his career the semifinal round in the so-called 'Masters Cup'. And as a rebound, Nadal was guaranteed world number one for the fifth time in his professional life.

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