Female arms found in Russian professor backpack


The Russian police arrested a professor in St Petersburg after he was rescued from a river yesterday morning with a backpack in which a woman's arms were. It is about the 63-year-old professor Oleg Sokolov, a prominent historian who is known for his books about Napoleon.

Sokolov was drunk and fell into the icy water when he tried to make the woman's body parts disappear into the Moika River, Russian media report. In the backpack, the officers found a hand weapon in addition to the arms.

After the macabre find, the police went to the house of the scientist and there found the beheaded and armless body of 24-year-old Anastasia Yeshchenko and a bloody saw. Sokolov was arrested but had to go to the hospital with hypothermia symptoms.

According to his lawyer, Solokov has made a confession. He added that the professor was sorry and cooperated with the research. He would have told the police that he had killed the woman during a fight and then sawed off her head and limbs. According to the Russian news agency ZNAK, he intended to dump the body and then commit suicide in the famous Peter and Paul fortress, dressed as Napoleon.

Various stories are circulating on Twitter about what has happened:

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