Few know that! She is the great love of Mihai Bendeac. Why she left him


Mihai Bendeac is definitely one of the most coveted bachelors in the country. The jury had many women, but the person has not yet been found to convince him to take the big step. Moreover, the actor says he will never marry.

He had a relationship with Roxana Vancea, but they broke up. Now, his ex-girlfriend is happy with another man. Although it seemed that she was the right one, everything broke down. Roxana said that Bendeac is the most boring man. The break-up would have taken place because Mihai didn't want to have children or get married.

"You want to invite me to a wedding, you have to give me a contract signed by you or the person you marry so you will never divorce. Why do I say that? Because if this event were to happen and you would get divorced at one point, after a year, after two, after 10, 20, it doesn't matter, in retrospect I would actually be a daddy who would dress elegantly for you and who he lost one day of his life and also delivered a sum of money for the sake of your eternal happiness. But in fact, the church should do this because it is said that they represent the Divinity and you are married, right? It means you ate c **** in front of the Divinity if you got divorced. Don't get married again! ”
Mihai Bendeac

At one point, Roxana confessed that she was bisexual and posted several funny pictures with colleagues and friends.

The great love of Mihai Bendeac

However, Mihai's great love is another woman. Andreea Vasile is the one who could have made Bendeac go to the altar. Unfortunately, it left him. The actress is happy and even has a child.

Andreea Vasile, the great love of Mihai Bendeac, became a mother

About Mihai it was said that, now, he would fall in love with singer Mira.

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