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The Southwark Crown Court of the United Kingdom rejected the appeal made by Vlad Luca Filat, the son of the former prime minister of the Republic of Moldova, Vladimir Filat, against a judgment of the Court of Magistrates of London on frozen accounts totaling almost half a million pounds, on the ground that this money would come from illegal activities, shows in the statement issued by the Embassy of Great Britain in the Republic of Moldova, writes

Luca Filat appealed in February the London Magistrates' Court ruling on the confiscation order against three frozen accounts, totaling almost half a million pounds.

The accounts were frozen in May 2018, in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Finance Act of 2017, after investigators of the National Crime Agency (NCA) suspected that the funds came from illegal activities.

Following the February hearings, officers from the NCA's International Corruption Unit concluded that "the freeze orders are a valuable tool in the fight against illicit finances in the UK. If we suspect that the money in an account came from crime, we can ask the court to freeze and then lose the amounts. In this case, Vlad Luca Filat has failed to prove a legitimate source of money, and the court has determined that it is recoverable, ”the statement said.

Vlad Luca Filat's appeal was rejected and the NCA received costs of about 9,500 pounds in the courts. 463,000 pounds will now be paid into His Majesty's consolidated fund.

We recall that on February 7, 2019, the son of the former Moldovan prime minister, was missing almost half a million pounds by the authorities of the United Kingdom.

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