Fine of 400,000 euros to a website for infringing copyright


The Ministry of Culture and Sports has imposed a fine of 400,000 euros to the Web for infringing copyright and has requested the cessation of his activity for a year.

According to a note from the Ministry, the website, and are sanctioned for commission of a "very serious" violation of the Intellectual Property Law, consisting in the resumption, for two or more times, of illegal activities of violation of intellectual property rights on the Internet.

It's about the second penalty imposed on a repeat web. The first was in June 2018 at, and, with an amount of 375,000 euros.

The Ministry has also requested the cessation of the activity of this website for a year. In the event that it does not occur voluntarily, it will require the necessary collaboration of Internet access operators, hosting services, search engines and advertising services to suspend the services provided to the offender.

A "repeat offender" website

This sanction resolves an administrative procedure of a sanctioning nature in relation to the complaints filed by the Spanish Association of Video Games (AEVI), and started at the end of July 2019.

In the file it has been shown, according to the Ministry, that It is a "recidivist" website in the infringement of intellectual property rights and that has been using mirror domains "to avoid the control of legality".

In addition, the website, according to the Ministry of Culture, has had associated advertising "that provided a profit for the owner of the website, to the detriment of the rights of authors and creators."

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