Fire brigade does not include deadly situation in Australia …


The Australian fire brigade takes into account that the forest fires that ravage the country will get worse in the course of the week. The fierce fires have already cost the lives of three people on the east coast. The army is ready to help.

On Sunday, more than a hundred fires are raging in New South Wales and Queensland, and some of them are still not under control. Because the temperature dropped last night, the fire brigade and the population were given a day's respite. For the following days, however, the weather conditions will deteriorate and high temperatures, low humidity and strong winds are expected. The fires will spread and also affect Western Australia.

"Under those circumstances, these fires will spread rapidly and threaten lives and homes," the New South Wales fire department warned in a statement. "The weather will be bad, possibly worse than Friday, and it could affect a much larger area, including densely populated areas such as Sydney," it sounds.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the army can be deployed to assist 1,300 firefighters in New South Wales and Queensland. Hundreds of citizens have registered as volunteers.

Since Friday, three people have died and 150 houses have been destroyed by the flames. Five people who were reported missing, are justified. Due to the unpredictability of the fires, the authorities do not exclude the possibility that people will still be reported missing. "My thoughts are with the families of the victims," ​​said Morrison.

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