Floyd Mayweather will open a network of casinos in Japan and promote it with Pacquiao


Floyd Mayweather will launch its new business project in Japan by opening a casino chain. After the expansion of its brand, TMT, in Japan, Mayweather wants to continue entering the Far East and has already decided its next initiative.

In addition, the American fighter take advantage of the dispute of a second fight against Manny Pacquiao to promote its network of casinos. “Manny's rematch is the biggest thing that can happen. I hope that it happens and that it is celebrated in Japan, it would be a great opportunity to be able to promote your new businesses, ”admitted one of the promoters of Mayweather.

If the first match already had a collection and historical impact, the revenge air that the second brings makes it even more attractive to both sponsors and fans, so it is a Perfect opportunity for the American to promote his new project.

On the other hand, the chain it plans to open in Japan, It would also be present in Cambodia, Singapore or China among others, and would serve to promote these establishments with fighting and boxing exhibitions.

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