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Constanta police officers began the investigations, after the mayor of a municipality was photographed giving money to the president of the polling station, the local elected official saying that the money was given for the food of the members of the polling station, informs

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The mayor of Dumbrăveni commune, Stelian Clinciu, was photographed on Sunday, while offering the sum of 150 lei to the president of the polling station in the commune of Furnica.

The mayor told he offered this money to members of the polling station to buy food. “I went to the polling station and gave them 150 lei to get their food. The amount offered by the Romanian state for the members of the voting commission is a small one. I gave them some money to take their food, that's all, "said Stelian Clinciu. He says that during the previous elections he bought food from the members of the polling station, but now he gave them money because they had already started to order the food.

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The mayor of Dumbrăveni specified that the amount of 150 lei is intended for the five members of the respective polling station.

In connection with this situation, the police started the checks. "Regarding the images that appeared in the public space about an event produced in a polling station in the town of Furnica, we inform you that we have self-signed and carried out verifications on the factual situation", stated the representatives of IPJ Constanţa.

Also, the people in the law are checking for a multiple vote attempt. “We registered a multiple vote attempt, within the scope of Section 4 Police. A 62-year-old woman tried to vote a second time at another polling station in Constanta with the old identity card, which she had declared lost. The incident was reported at section 112, ”stated the representatives of IPJ Constanţa. The police have drawn up a criminal case in this case.

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