Hallucinating moment! A football player attacked the opposing VIDEO coach


The match between Freiburg and Eintracht Frankfurt, in the 11th round of the Bundesliga, had an incendiary end. The guest footballer, David Abraham, liked the home coach, Christian Streich, and a general beating immediately ensued.

On the field, Freiburg won 1-0, but the game was left with three red cards and a shocking moment in the end of the match. At 1-0 for Freiburg, Eintracht Frankfurt footballer David Abraham ran after a ball into the box and knocked down Freiburg's coach. Christian Streich.

Probably, the footballer was prompted by the gesture made by the coach, who refused to stop the ball, although it came in his direction. Also, the coach seems to have addressed a few words to the footballer before the incident.

Immediately, everyone on Freiburg's bench jumped on the guest footballer and asked for his count, and the referee sanctioned David Abraham with a red card. Until the end, Grifo also saw the red card.

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