he is a homeless man and they gave him five euros for letting himself stick


The Civil Guard seeks the authors of a brutal aggression in Gran Canaria. Meanwhile, the victim has left anonymity to explain his version of what happened.

This is a 34-year-old man who lives on the street in Las Palmas. He himself has confirmed that he was unconscious after the heavy blow: "I lost knowledge, memory and that's it. Then I woke up and didn't remember anything. "

"I knew that, of course. They told me that if I wanted five euros in exchange for a slap and they paid me, "he explained to the Canary Public Radio.

"I will not report them because I accepted the 5 euros to give me the slap. Anyway, that episode happened more than a month ago, "he added.

In the video, shared by the Civil Guard on social networks, it looks like the victim poses in front of a mobilel, who is recording the facts, to immediately receive a strong blow to the face. After the aggression, he loses consciousness and falls to the ground, hitting his head with what looks like a bank.

The Civil Guard has asked citizen collaboration to identify aggressors and be able to take action on the matter.

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