Health alert of dressings that can cause stomata cuts


The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps) reports that certain ostomy dressings they could have the offset start hole, which may cause cuts in the stoma, an opening in the abdomen that forces you to wear a organic waste bag.

According to the Aemps, an agency under the Ministry of Health, these are dressings Surfit, Combihesive and Durahesive, from Convatec Limitec (United Kingdom), manufactured between February 2017 and September 2018. According to the information provided by the company, to date they have received notification of three cases worldwide where the use of convex skin protectors with two off-center pieces has caused stoma cuts.

The intrauterine device or IUD is the most frequently used reversible contraceptive method in the world.

Those dressings are designed to protect the patient's skin around the stoma. The company has sent a notice to distributors and health centers that have the affected products in our country, with the actions to follow, along with a letter to place in a visible place in pharmacies and deliver to users.

The Affected products are 'SurFit / Combihesive dressings'; 'System 92 Secure Moldable Convex Durahesive Wafer' and 'System 92 Secure Durahesive Wafer with Convex'.

The Aemps recommends to distributors and at pharmacies that if they have any of the affected products they return them to the company and to the patients, health professionals and health centers don't use them and get in touch with the establishment where you purchased them or with the ConvaTec customer service.

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