'Healthcare providers who have had a flu shot must wear a button'


"I would like to know that from someone who takes care of me or performs interventions on my behalf." Moreover, the button would encourage others to get the shot, he says on the eve of the National Flu Day.

For reasons of privacy, the idea of ​​buttons in our country will not be picked up quickly, Van Essen thinks. But according to him, such badges are often pinned up in the United States and Canada. In some hospitals there, the shot is mandatory for staff. And if that is not the case, in some institutions non-vaccinated people must wear a mouth cap. However, that approach is too negative for him.

National Flu Day

The Dutch Influenza Foundation is organizing the National Flu Day tomorrow in The Hague. Institutions and organizations meet at the Ministry of Health in The Hague for a scientific conference. Not only people from risk groups, such as seniors, but especially caregivers are called upon to get a flu shot.

Healthcare providers can carry the virus and transmit it to patients without realizing it. And if they are felled themselves, that again contributes to the staff shortage in healthcare. The thought is that pricked caregivers could better convince others of the necessity of a flu shot.

Vaccination rate

Although the number of people who have had an flu shot has risen this year for the first time in ten years, Van Essen finds the vaccination rate too low. "There is unjustified skepticism about the annual flu vaccination. The influenza virus is more dangerous than just a flu." Last year 900,000 people became ill in our country.

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