Hong Kong police shoot tear gas on University campus


The Hong Kong riot police fired tear gas on Tuesday at the Kowloon Tong University campus, a day after a protester was shot and another was set on fire amid escalating protests against the government.

The authorities suspended some railway services on Tuesday and the avenues near the Asian financial center were closed for the second day, which caused long traffic jams, Channel News Asia said.

Police said protesters gathered on Tuesday near the University of Hong Kong, throwing objects and barricaded to block the passage.

In the subway stations riot elements were deployed, so the railway platforms were crowded.

The universities canceled classes on Tuesday, a day after police fired tear gas and students threw gasoline bombs on some campuses.

The chief executive, Carrie Lam, said the protesters who tried to paralyze the city are selfish and hoped that the students would not participate in the demonstrations scheduled on Tuesday.

More than 260 people were arrested Monday, police said, bringing the total number to more than three thousand since the protests began in June.

The demonstrations on Tuesday are part of the general strike called after the death of student Alex Chow Tsz-lok, 22, due to the injuries he suffered in a police eviction.

The instability continues in Hong Kong despite the fact that a bill on extraditions to countries and regions was canceled, which lacks treaties in this regard. However, the demand for direct election of rulers and, now, the general strike for the death of the student is pending.

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