How the International Press Represents the Presidential Elections in Romania: "Hard Times for the PSD"


Petre Dobrescu,

Foreign journalists noted that, for the first time since the 1989 Revolution, social democrats risk missing out on the second round, which would be a terrible blow, notes Hotnews.

In an article entitled "The presidential elections in Romania, the great test for the Social Democrats", Politico wrote that the PSD is for the first time in front of the possibility of missing the presence in the second round of the election.

"Sunday's presidential elections are a major test for the PSD, the party that has dominated the political scene for years and now risks, for the first time, not seeing its candidate, Viorica Dăncilă, in the second round of elections", he noted. Politico, in the analysis dedicated to the elections in Romania.

"Hard times for PSD. The party is now in opposition, after being ousted from power last month and has steadily lost public support in the context of massive anti-corruption protests, ”Politico noted.

Exit presidential poll 2019. Who conducts opinion poll for round 1

Exit presidential poll 2019. Who conducts opinion poll for round 1

They also mentioned that President Klaus Iohannis is seen as "a symbol of stability in the fight against corruption".

Tip: "I don't think the Social Democrats will disappear!"

The big unknown is, however, the candidate he will face in two weeks, in the second round: Viorica Dăncilă or Dan Barna.

Regardless of the outcome, Politico cites former PSD leader and prime minister, Victor Ponta, who claims that: "I don't think social-democrats will disappear."

Euronews: "Iohannis, the great favorite of the race"

Euronews said that the current president Klaus Iohannis is the big favorite of Sunday's electoral race, with 40%, in terms of his efforts to save the anti-corruption fight "in one of the most corrupt nations in Europe".

The big stake is related to who will enter the second round, the fight being close between Viorica Dăncilă and Dan Barna.

Presence to vote so far, data updated in real time. How many Romanians voted


Presence to vote so far, data updated in real time. How many Romanians voted

Euronews journalists also mentioned the PSD actions to block the anti-corruption fight and condemn the former leader Liviu Dragnea, as well as Iohannis's victory in the referendum on justice.

The Guardian recalled the referendum on justice

The British at The Guardian are expecting a detached victory from current President Klaus Iohannis, who was noted for his anti-corruption policy and "praised by the West for its commitment to the rule of law".

After a brief summary of the crisis moments generated by the PSD measures in the field of justice, the British recalled the referendum triggered by Klaus Iohannis, in which the overwhelming majority of Romanians ruled against the emergency orders of the PSD government.

The New York Times takes over the Associated Press. The publication reports that 18.2 million Romanians are expected to take part in the polls on Sunday, which can choose from 14 candidates, of which Klaus Iohannis is a favorite.

Journalists also note that the elections are taking place in the context of a political crisis that led to the ousting of the PSD government and the establishment of a liberal minority government, a few days ago.

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