How to start the Black Friday start


Black Friday is the informal name of the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, which opens the Christmas shopping season. The term "Black Friday" first appeared in Philadelphia and meant heavy traffic jams on Thanksgiving Friday. The pursuit of gifts led to the blocking of the main arteries in the cities and hence the name of Black Friday.

This year the day of Black Friday is in the United States on November 29th. However, some traders, although they imported the name, did not import the rules. Not infrequently, the prices of some products were higher than the usual sales. According to the law the Government Ordinance no. 99/2000 which regulates the way these promotions are carried out, respectively establishes the legal conditions that must be respected by the merchants: the reduction to refer to the lowest price practiced in the last 30 days.

The trader has the obligation that the reduced price be calculated by reference to the lowest price applied by him, for the respective product or similar products, in the same sales space in the last 30 days before applying the discount.

Therefore, if the price of the repeating product has fluctuated in the last 30 days, the promotional announcement must include the reduction applied to the lowest price practiced in the last 30 days, not to the one practiced one day before the start of the promotion.

Well, this year we are witnessing another novelty. Not a few traders stole the start. Under the pompous name of Black Friday some traders have already started selling, and others are preparing for Wednesday (November 13th) or Friday (November 15th). From electronics, appliances, clothes, footwear, all come in Black Friday.

To figure out how important this day is for merchants, consider that, last year, a large retailer from us sold within the first five seconds of opening the site 21,170 products and all day over three million. of products. Four years ago, the same retailer had the largest online order of a customer worth 85,590 euros.

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