Huge scandal in UK over Russia's involvement in elections. The secret document held "at the drawer"


Just one month before the early elections, the British political scene is shaken by a scandal over the Kremlin's alleged involvement in election campaigns.

According to a report by the secret service, quoted by the press, Russia would have conducted operations in the United Kingdom, in order to influence the elections in recent years. However, the government led by Boris Johnson keeps this document "in the drawer", and is going to make it public, only after the elections.

According to the document, Russia's influence would have reached the heart of the British institutions, and governments in recent years would not have intervened to stop these subversive, espionage and interference operations – in the 2016 referendum on leaving the European Union and in the general elections. from 2017.

Moscow would have built a network of diplomats, lawyers, parliamentarians and other influential personalities from all political parties, favorable to Russia.
Nina dos Santos, CNN: "We have been in possession of part of their written and verbal statements. The image they describe is a worrying one. They say that successive governments have closed their eyes on Moscow's actions targeting political parties and research inside the House of Commons, and the officials claim that top-notch personalities, lawyers and magistrates have helped to infiltrate Russia into British institutions. "

One of those who know about the Kremlin's influence is an American businessman who did business with Russia, but was expelled from Moscow 14 years ago.

William Browder, businessman: "The people I have seen still working for Russian interests in the UK are people from the highest levels of institutions."

Nina dos Santos: "Can you give me a name?"

William Browder: "I can give you many names. But I'll start with Lord Goldsmith."

Lord Peter Goldsmith was the Attorney General of Great Britain in the government of Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair. Goldsmith's law firm did not comment on the allegations.

Nina dos Santos: "Another witness in the investigation accused the authorities of" putting political interests ahead of national security. "In a testimony before the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, Russia is said to have succeeded what no other terrorist organization has done. managed so far to deploy chemical weapons on the territory of Great Britain and it is claimed that Russia represents "potentially the greatest threat to British institutions and the British way of life."

The secret services report reached a month ago on the table of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who decided not to publish it until the December 12 elections. It is "inexplicable and shameful". Every voter has the right to find out what the report is about to vote on – said Hillary Clinton, a former presidential candidate in America.

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