"I argued with the president where I got him!" Edi Iordanescu is still unhappy with the situation at Gaz Metan! "Not all promises have been fulfilled"


Gaz Metan defeated Sepsi today by 1-0.

Gaz Metan won on the field of Sepsi with a goal scored at the end of the match. Darius Olaru brought the victory to the media in the 83rd minute.

A few days ago, Edi Iordanescu said that the situation at Gaz Metan is encouraging and that 95% of the club will go out of business until the end of the year.

The coach is not 100% satisfied, because he would have wanted more money and the possibility of transferring two, three players:

"Let's analyze that, and we lost a lot of points at the end of games and I needed a little chance. Not necessarily that I won with a chance, because, from my point of view, we had great opportunities, we had two bars. , alone with the goalkeeper, also in the second half.

I have no fear of competition, my fear was – I do not like to say this word, but the truth is, my players are not injured, we do not have too many suspended because we, if you forget about the financial situation of the club, we are the third smallest budget. Is difficult. And I would have wanted more money, to bring two or three players.

The president, poor man, I quarreled him how many times I caught him, but I understood him because he did not bring money, he only stayed through the courts, he fought for the club, he was with the team during the hardest moments. . Unfortunately, not all the promises were made to the end, I mean a sponsor. But that's it, we did it.

Remember that I paid the debts of the past, sold some 6-7 players, went another 6-7 and tried as I could. I have the experience of two seasons and I know that this competition is long and I know that you do not have to look at your opponents and look in your yard, because if you produce the points you need, you can not be in the first six", said Edi Iordanescu.

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