"I consider myself Tony Stark, a billionaire genius, playboy and philanthropist"


Jordi arrived on Tuesday a little clueless to First dates because as soon as you cross the door of Cuatro's restaurant and see Carlos Sobera he commented: "Are you Carlos?", provoking the surprise of the presenter.

But when he arrived at the bar, the barman greeted him and the diner asked him his name. Roure was so stunned by the question that he even doubted: "Hey, Matías".

After this curious arrival, the Lleida presented himself pointing out that "I consider myself the Tony Stark of computer engineering: genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist" and, after finishing his sentence, he winked at the camera.

And he added that "I am my passion, I have it super clear. Me, Myself, and I. I am also very freaky and I love computer science, computers and technology, "the engineering student admitted without complexes.

His date was Lisa, a 21-year-old Russian based in Guipúzcoa, who commented: "I am Russian, but at some points I feel more Spanish than Russian because I am quite open and I like to party ".

At dinner they talked about the languages ​​spoken by Lisa, who commented that In just one year I already spoke Spanish [apart from French, English, Catalan and Russian] since "it is my career and I have to learn a lot from the language".

They also talked about their previous relationships: "When kids know you're a foreigner they don't take you seriously, they think you're here on vacation and just want something from one night. That makes me angry because I'm looking for something more stable, "Lisa said.

In the end, Jordi acknowledged that he would not have a second date with Lisa because "but I am open to stay or go for a drink to continue meeting her." For its part, the Russian did not want to stay again: "We are very different".

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