"I don't like to say the word." Edi Iordanescu, categorically after Sepsi


  • Juventus – Milan (Sunday, 9:45 pm, Digi Sport 1)

  • Dynamo – CFR Cluj (Sunday, 7pm, Digi Sport 1)

VIDEO Sepsi – Gaz Metan Mediaș 0-1 | After two draws, came the victory for Gaz Metan Mediaș, even on Sepsi's field. The success is all the more important as the Covasna team was redeemable on their own ground, with only two defeats this season.
"To analyze this way, we lost a lot of points in the end of games and we needed a little chance. Not necessarily that we won with a chance, because, from my point of view, we had great opportunities, we had two bars. , alone with the goalkeeper, also in the second half.
First of all, we do not cross our best form, even though we have not lost in the last two games. We had a great chance with the equalizer from Chindia, in the 87th minute, which proved to be very strong against opponents like Craiova. In the last match, the one with Hermannstadt, I had no chance, I hit the bar, at 1-1, I also had an unpunished penalty at 0-0, but belong to the past.

Today I came with energy and the team prepared very well and played on the field of a very good, well organized team, which lost very hard, which is very pragmatic, intense, aggressive at home, but my team responded very well. I had a lot of good moments of play, I put pressure on their construction, I also had new defensive intensity, when I had the ball, I built, we were positive.

Dinamo – CFR Cluj is now at Digi Sport 1. Download the Digi Online application and you can watch the match on your phone or tablet

There were several moments of initiative on our part and I think the result is a totally fair one. It's good that I unlocked this pressure. We lost Buş, we played 16 stages without the second striker and I improvised again, but it's good that the team responded well ", explained Edi Iordănescu.

Sepsi – Gaz Metan Mediaș 0-1 | Edi Iordănescu: "We have the third smallest budget"

The Medians were facing serious financial problems, but finally the good news came. Team will go out of business until the end of the year.
"I am not afraid of competition, my fear was – I do not like to say this word, but it is the truth – but not to injure the players, not to have too many suspended because we, if you look at the financial situation of At the club, we are the third smallest budget. It's hard. And I would have wanted more money, to bring two or three more players.
The president, poor man, I quarreled with him as many times as I caught him, but I understood him because he did not bring money, he stayed only through the courts, he fought for the club, he was with the team during the hardest moments. . Unfortunately, not all the promises have been fulfilled, I mean a sponsor. But that's it, we did it.
Remember that I paid the debts of the past, sold some 6-7 players, went another 6-7 and tried as I could. I have the experience of two seasons and I know that this competition is long and I know that you do not have to look at your opponents and look in your court, because if you produce the points you need, you can not be in the first six", said Jordan.

Gaz Metan Mediaș, friendly with Ronaldo's team

The medians are now in the play-off spot and want to stay there. For this, Edi Iordănescu's band will play a friendly with the team sponsored by the Brazilian Ronaldo.
"We must take it step by step and have the right mentality. Now we will travel to Spain for a friendly with Valladollid, a unique experience for the team, with the risk of not treating this competitive break as a methodical line, we will stay on airplanes , it's hard, but we have to prepare well for this break and play with the game. Three points at home with Botosani and then we will see from an even more positive angle what follows ", Iordanescu said.
VIDEO with the summary of the match:

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