"I give it to Gigi Becali for 3,000,000 euros"


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The owner of FC Botosani, Valeriu Iftime, announced the amount for which he would sell to Andrei Chindriş defender at FCSB.

Although he initially declared it non-transferable, Valeriu Iftime finally acknowledged that he would allow Andrei Chindriş to leave FCSB even tomorrow, if Gigi Becali made him an offer to not refuse.

"Andrei is not priced now, so far it is non-transferable, until summer. But everything in this world is priced. He can be transferred at any time, if someone gives me I do not know how much money.

For example, if I want your jacket, don't give it to me. But if I give you 10,000 euros, will you give it to me? (No. – Do you give him three million to FCSB?) I'll give him tomorrow. If he gives me three million, I'll give him tomorrow, but the baby wants it too. If he has good conditions. From the club's point of view, if someone gives me three million, of course I give it, that I am not going to lose such a business, "said Valeriu Iftime, at the Telekom Sport microphone.

  • 2 – Chindriş has two selections at the U21 national team
  • 24 of matches and a goal has Chindriş in Botoşani's shirt
  • 500,000 of euros is Andrei Chindriş's share, according to Transfermarkt.de

Gigi Becali wants to transfer Andrei Chindriş to FCSB

Gigi Becali recently announced that he wants to replace Serbian defender Bogdan Planic with the Botosani player. Bogdan Planic will enter the last six months of the contract and there are no signs that he would like to extend his understanding. Especially since Gigi Becali doesn't seem to leave much of him. The FCSB boss, however, does not want to remain uncovered and turned to a central defender who became a starter at the youth national team.

"I also discussed with Vintilă about Planic's situation and I told him what to convey to him. Planic stays with us only if he accepts the contract I offer, not as he wants. I talked with Iftime from Botosani about Chindriş, but he does not want to give it to me. I leave it for a while, say until winter, "said Gigi Becali for ProSport.ro.

FCSB prevailed in Botosani, score 2-0, and came close to three leading points

FCSB defeated, on Saturday, with a 2-0 (1-0) score, FC Botoşani team, in the 16th round of the League I. The Serb guest defender Bogdan Planici was eliminated in the 63rd minute With the third victory in a row, the team coached by Bogdan Argeş Vintilă approached three points the leader of CFR Cluj, who will play in Bucharest on Sunday against the Dinamo band.

They scored: Coman '31, Gnohere '74

0-1, min. 31: Florinel Coman scored from a free kick, from a left side position, close to the bottom line of the field;

0-2, min. 74: Florin Tanase hit Gnohere with a great pass with the goalkeeper, and the striker scored after dribbling Pap.

63 minutes in, Planici's received a yellow card for going into a challenge studs first.

The following teams evolved:

FC Botosani: Pope – Haruţ, Chindriş, Miron, Ţigănaşu – Pope, J. Rodriguez – Ashkovski (Andonic '84), Ongenda (Ofosu '77), Keyta – Chalkiadakis (Moussa '58). Coach Marius Croitoru;
FCSB: Bălgrădean – Creţu, Planici, I. Cristea, Panţîru – O. Popescu. D. Nedelcu (Moruţan '62), Fl. Tănase – Man, Hora (Gnohere '46), Fl. Coman (Soiledis '73). Coach Bogdan Argeş Vintilă.
Yellow cards: Keyta '53, Moussa '90 / Planici '26 and '63, Man '46, I. Cristea '52, Gnohere '81;

Red card: Plains '63.

Referees: Iulian Călin – Octavian Şovre, George Florin Neacşu – Cătălin Buşi;

Observers: Marian Dorobântu, Eduard Alexandru.

As a result, FCSB remains in 5th place, with 27 points, after CFR Cluj, 30 points, FC Viitorul, 29 points, Astra Giurgiu and CSU Craiova, both with 28 points each.

FC Botosani remains in 7th place, with 22 points.

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