"I have a problem, unfortunately, I could not become naturally pregnant, so I called for in vitro fertilization. I chose a great donor from a sperm bank and I thought everything was perfect. When I saw my baby, I was terrified. Is there a mistake?


A sperm bank was sued by a woman after she suffered a major surprise.

The woman, a successful writer whose identity has not been revealed, chose a father for her child from the donor images on the site. She underwent a successful IVF treatment at a private clinic in Moscow, after she had paid the semen.

She was attracted to a man with rich hair, with higher education, a fit physique and a height of 1.82 meters.

At more than 40, the woman believed that this was her last chance to have a baby.

But in the later stages of the pregnancy, the unborn boy was detected with achondroplasia, a rare incurable disease suffered by a child of 20,000 that causes dwarfism, a court in Moscow announces.

This was confirmed after the birth when she was told that her two-year-old son would grow to a maximum height of 1.20 meters and that his limbs and facial features would not develop "properly".

The woman said she wants to warn other sperm bank customers about the risk.

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