I internalize and externalize the woman I have inside "


This Thursday he visited First dates Albert, a man who defined himself as "big gender, heteroflexible, looking for a relationship between the traditional and the liberal", but above all he wanted to "vindicate the identity of each person" because, on occasion, he stops being Albert to be 'The Leo'.

His date was Pilar, a 47-year-old Spaniard who is passionate about parties: "I like going out to dance with my friends, having parties at my house ... especially the word party, "he said. He added that" I am a very cheerful person with a lot of positive energy, extroversion in body and soul. "

Shortly before finishing dinner, Albert wanted to surprise her by becoming 'La Leo', something that Pilar loved. The Barcelona appeared dressed as a woman, with an orange wig and yellow glasses, and sang the song to his date Kiss Me a lot Los Panchos, something that led to the letter, since the Asturian did not hesitate to kiss him several times until he removed his lipstick.

"You are the goddess Venus, you seem to me perfection elevated to the maximum power. You seem to me ultramegadivine", Pilar said when he saw him.

Although she did admit that she would want a second date with Albert "to go out to party", so much effusivity and so much kiss did not like the Barcelona, which ruled out to be with her again because "from the beginning" did not like physically.

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