"I like the party more than a fool … I get very fart"


The anthill concluded one of his most musical weeks (three of the four guests have been singers) with the visit of Mónica Naranjo. The Catalan visited the Antena 3 program to present Renaissance, the album of great successes with which he celebrates his 25 years in music and will be available from next November 15.

Further, The artist inaugurated this Thursday in Madrid 'Reinaissance La Exposition', a sample that collects photographic material, costumes and accessories that show the evolution of the Catalan singer during her 25 years of career.

"You come from the Chueca neighborhood where 'Monica's night' has been celebrated in your honor," said Pablo Motos. The artist commented that "I am very grateful for the detail because it has been a beautiful recognition, but at nine o'clock I am very sleepy."

After that statement, Motos told him: "Monica, please, that you are an icon of the LGTB collective, you have to go in a float. Don't tell me you're not going to party tonight?".

But the singer said no, and justified: "When I enter stages of promotional work I go to bed active and get up the same way, sleeping is difficult for me because the responsibility weighs".

Motos continued to insist that "it seems very bad that in 'Monica's night' you are not". And he continued saying that "Do you want me to tell you why I do sports in the morning? Not to go out at night because I like the party more than a fool …".

The confession of Motos surprised the singer, who wanted to know if she fell too much, to which he replied that "I get very fart, but very good, good vibes, but without being slimy ". And he added that "when I think it's enough and I have to stop, I'm already dancing on a stage. Normally it is Trancas that slows me down".

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