"I needed them and they to me"


Actor Dave Bautista has shown over time that he is a close friend of his friends (he publicly defended director James Gunn when Disney fired him and was one of those who was most pleased with his return) … and animals. So much, that now he has not hesitated to adopt two pit bulls who are already the protagonists of his Instagram.

The interpreter of Guardians of the Galaxy (embodies Drax the Destroyer) has announced through its social networks thatmbos cannes were "abandoned" and that they had been "neglected" for many years before being rescued.

"I needed them, they needed me," the previously renowned fighter of Instagram wrote on Instagram wrestling, along with a tender image that showed him and the two dogs together and where you can see that they are white dogs with black spots, as if they were Dalmatians.

It is the first of an album of his first days in the new house in Florida, as he has rescued them thanks to the Rescue me Tampa volunteer association, He wrote on his social networks that dogs now had a new "guardian."

“These beautiful babies spent the first six years of their careless and mistreated lives. And now they will spend the rest of their lives being spoiled and loved ", The former WWE star of 50 years continued (she will turn 51 in January).

In addition, the actor of James Bond (was one of the hitmen in Specter) and of Blade Runner 2049(will return to work with the director, Denis Villeneuve, in the new version of Dune which will be released next year), He said he was "eternally grateful" to those who "worked so hard to keep them safe, find a home and, most important of all, that these two stay together."

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The interpreter did not hesitate, finally, to baptize them: "Ladies and gentlemen, he introduced you to … Maggie and Ollie Baptist." Just after, he added several hashtags to the publication advocating the adoption and not the purchase of dogs and other pets.

The responses of his friends in the seventh art, finally, did not wait. "They just won the #Canina Lottery. Very happy for all three! I can't wait to meet you", wrote his friend, actor Justin Long, while director James Gunn added a multitude of celebration emoticons.

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