"I never lost my hope" / Albano thinks Ylenia is dead!


Romina Power is looking for her 25 missing daughter in America. The singer did not lose hope that one day, she will squeeze it in her arms and launched a call, via her Instagram account, to search for her missing daughter Ylenia in New Orleans in 1994.

"November is the month in which Ylenia was born. Missed in the United States in January 1994. He was 23 years old. I never lost hope that I would hold her in my arms again. I know it must have changed since then, but if anyone recognizes a woman who looks like this girl, contact me. Thanks', was the message of Romina Power, who urged her fans to share the photo.

Although the 68-year-old singer never gave up the idea of ​​finding her, her ex-husband and father of the girl, Albano Carrisi (76), is convinced that the young woman has died. So does justice.

The eldest daughter of the two was in New Orleans in the winter of 1994, to write a book about the life and career of a local musician – 54-year-old Alexander Masakela. Many have speculated that the girl had fallen in love with him, cites News.ro.

Her parents last spoke with Ylenia on the phone on January 1. Since then, numerous hypotheses have been launched. One of the credible witnesses claimed that Ylenia Carrisi used drugs and committed suicide by throwing herself in Mississippi. Others said she was included in a witness protection program and had to change her appearance and name. In June 2011, the German weekly Freizet Reuve wrote that he was in a monastery.

Numerous investigations have been carried out over the years, but without any conclusion. The young woman's death was declared in 2014, by a court in Brindisi, at the request of her father.

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