"I started the first half hard, I made too many mistakes"


Adi Vasile, the technician from CSM Bucharest, made the X-ray of the match with Esbjerg and believes that his team did not catch a good day.

"I knew beforehand the importance of the match. I started the first half hard, I made too many technical mistakes. When I was in good finishing situations I missed. After you try the whole match to come back, it will certainly affect your confidence, "said the coach.

Adi Vasile said about using Neagu pretty much. "I tried to give her minutes, both in attack and defense, it is important that her knee is very good. Hopefully, everything will be fine in the coming days, at this volume and at a fairly high intensity. "

The coach hopes that his team will return from Russia with a good result, because otherwise the situation in the Main Round will be even more difficult. "We have a very heavy group, but at this level, what do you expect? They will be Metz, Vipers, Ferencvaros, we are trying to get through them and reach the quarters ”, concluded Adi Vasile.

Crina Pintea: "A painful defeat"

Crina Pintea has pain in her left hand, but says that there is nothing serious and will overcome them.

– Crina, an unexpected result, right?
– Yes, a painful defeat. But this is, when you make many catch-bird mistakes, when you give them balls on the tray, as they say, you are charged.

– Didn't Cristina's return help you?
– Everyone wanted to come back, brought a lot of confidence, game force, she always encourages us, but today no one made a good match.

– I see you play with a bandage on your left hand. You have problems?
– I have some problems, but when you play this sport, when you play the position I play, there are also injuries. But nothing is serious, I will recover, the pains are tolerable.

– It will be very difficult in the last stage, in Rostov.
– As we know Ambros Martin, he will prepare the match very well. But we are also motivated to go and have a good match and return with the victory if possible.

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