"I was extremely violated at 18!"


The director Roman Polanski was accused by the actress Valentine Monnier of raping her "extremely violent" in 1975. Then she was only 18 years old, according to an interview with the artist Le Parisien.

The 86-year-old director is accused of raping the young woman while at a ski resort in Switzerland, in Gstaad.

Monnier, now 62, said he had no connection with the director, neither personal nor professional, and that he barely knew him. The actress claimed that the rape was "extremely violent".

"He hit me with my fists until I gave in and raped me, doing all kinds of other things to me," confessed Monnier.

Polanski's lawyer, Hervé Temime, forwarded a statement to Le Parisien from the director, who firmly denies all allegations of rape. He points out that the reproaches "dating back 45 years have never been claimed to the authorities."

Valentine Monnier appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine in 1977. Monnier said he made the disclosures against the release of Polanski's most recent film, "J'Accuse."

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