"I would not bear to be of those kind of people who always see the glass half empty because they are very unhappy"


Although he always has his humble origin in mind, with Pablo Alborán, now everything is big. The Malaga artist, who celebrates almost a decade in music, celebrates it in style, with a single Bilingual sung in duet with the American pop star Ava Max, a spectacular video clip and a worldwide release that had its epicenter in the Plaza de Callao in Madrid, the place that saw him born, before thousands of fans.

They come from completely different worlds. How does this collaboration arise? We met through Warner and, although we come from different musical worlds, not so much from so different roots. We both have that mixture of roots in our blood, in our homes, and I think that when making music we have no barriers.

What has been the best and the worst of collaborating with Ava? The best thing is that everything is fun, everything is easy, everything is done with a spirit of freedom and having fun. Besides, he has a wonderful voice, is beautiful and has a way of moving on the very particular stage. The worst part is that we cannot have more time to do more things. It has nothing bad!

In 'Taboo' we find another Pablo? Upside down. I read that the fans were wondering if with this song I was still the usual Pablo, but they will have seen that my essence is there. It is a song that I have written and it is as mine as possible, what happens is that it is another style. But I'm still me.

Having the option to stop whenever I want is the greatest luxury I can have in my career and in my life right now.

Is it a logical evolution or is it a strategy to open up to the Anglo-Saxon market? I've done a song without thinking about it, and I really tell you. Another thing is that, then, the American and US team saw that Taboo I had that something that made it possible to add more things, like this collaboration. But my goal is always to make the music I want to make and have fun. And in this song you have to have fun.

Are you afraid of the public response? Sure! How can I not mind the response of an audience that has been with me for 10 years? But it is true that I do not make music thinking about whether he will like it or not. When I am creating in the studio what I want is to get excited, or let off steam, or have a good or bad time. That is the first place it passes. In Taboo, my essence is very reflected, in my turns, in my way of singing, in my lyrics … The only difference is that it is more moved.

It also has songs like that! Of course, what happens is that people who have not come to my concerts have me cataloged in only one way.

Will you dare to make a theme entirely in English? There is a desire, there is a song, but I don't know if it will come out. It is a song that I have done with love, with other composers, and I would be very excited. But time to time.

Why 'Taboo'? There are two senses of taboo in this whole universe of the song, that of the lyrics, where I say "I'm going to invent a new taboo", which is an even more sexual term, and that of the video, where the director wanted to find the taboo par excellence of the classic roots of literature. That is, based for example on Romeo and Juliet or in Blood Wedding to recreate all that root and then modernize it with styling, design and lights.

Did you have trouble playing lover? The truth is that no [laughs]. Everything became very easy and that the approach was very large. I also fight, I'm without a shirt … There have been a lot of things that were to study, to see how all that went well.

I am very aware that there is no perfection, but I don't want it either. I am neither perfect nor I want to be

Years ago he made a break. Did it suit you? Is it necessary to do it from time to time? I believe that everyone needs to have the option to stop and does not always have it. I feel privileged because of that, because I was able to step on the brake and I can do it whenever I need it, and that is the greatest luxury I can have in my career and in my life right now. I have a wonderful team, a family, an audience that respects and understands that I say "family, I have to go to Malaga to disconnect." Hopefully everyone can have 10 minutes a day to disconnect and a minute to think.

But in this world that is going so fast, isn't it scary that the public forgets one when they claim their moment of 'disappearing'? No. I am a completely normal person: of course I go to the beach, to the movies, to discos, to the supermarket … People see me do all those things and I will not stop doing them, however hard it may be do sometimes. Nobody wants to be forgotten, but I think that as long as my family does not do it and as long as the people who have been there all this time do not feel disappointed, the thing will be calm.

Pablo Alboran
Malaga artist Pablo Alborán.

Apparently, he has had a sweet career, but have there been ups and downs? Nothing is perfect, I believe that all races are up and down and may seem like one thing and then they are others, but in my case I do not regret anything I have done and I do not curse the bad thing that happened to me because It has always been for something. I keep the good. There is one very important thing, that is to have the head where you have the body, to think about what we are doing now and not to go crazy, but there are times that it is difficult to get it.

He released 'Tabú' in Callao, the place where he recorded his first video almost 10 years ago. Is it a kind of wink? That goes, it has been coincidence, it was not planned.

And what remains of that Paul, if there is anything left? Everything and nothing. There is all the innocence, illusion and emotion of the first day, but now there is also the calm that I did not have at the beginning. I am lucky to know where to hold on to not fall, and I didn't have that at first.

I don't regret anything I've done or curse how bad it happened to me

He has liked social networks and every time he posts, he drives fans crazy. It's a lot of fun, I have a great time. I do not know if I am good in networks, it is better that when I have my phone next to me they take it away because I am able to tell things that I should not [laughs]. It's very nice to see that people are still there.

Have you ever felt like a victim of clickbait? What is that?

Headlines striking or even misleading to get attention. You see it? I'm out of the loop! [laughs]

Now that you know, what do you think of the subject? You would have to ask yourself if you feel comfortable doing those things. I don't pay much attention, and I feel fortunate to have a very good relationship with the press. But sometimes it makes me angry that they take my statements out of context just by putting a headline that catches the eye. But fortunately the reader already knows it and, with it, the effect of a striking headline will be lost. I also understand the work of journalists, which sometimes should not be easy.

I am against any letter that may incite hatred or harassment, but at the same time I think we have to have common sense and not go crazy

Being a best seller, do you get obsessed with numbers? No, the family is more pending, in the end they are the ones who send me or say things related to that.

To what extent is it demanding? I'm not a perfectionist or a pejiguero, huh? I'm picky. I mean, I want to do my job the best I can, and I want the one who works with me to do his best. Sometimes it can be a defect for me and the rest, but it can also be a good thing. What I am very aware of is that there is no perfection, but I don't want it either. I am neither perfect nor I want to be. I would not bear to be of that kind of person who always sees the glass half empty or who only sees what is missing and not what is already there. I know people like that and he is very unhappy.

Pablo Alboran.

Pablo Alboran

  • Singer
  • May 31, 1989
  • Malaga

Pablo Moreno de Alborán Ferrándiz is a Spanish singer-songwriter and musician who, since his debut almost a decade ago, has released four studio albums, two live and more than twenty singles – among which is the latter, 'Tabú' -, in addition to collaborating with many artists. He has received two Grammy nominations and 17 Latin Grammy nominations.

After criticizing some artists for their lyrics, you who are a composer, do you think long before writing a song? Sometimes I think so. In fact, I had a song with a phrase that taken out of context could mean many things. But you had to take it out of context and you had to have very bad faith to do that! In any case, I am against the letters that denigrate any person, I think that who denigrates a woman is denigrating the man, himself. I am against any letter that may incite hatred or harassment, but at the same time I think we have to have common sense and not go crazy. Give freedom to poetry, to literature. Freedom to be able to write what you want, and, perhaps, what you want to express is not sexist or sexist, but the one who is reading it does attribute it, when for the composer it is not so. And that's where I think we have to find that balance and common sense that is in our culture, in our education and not go crazy to get it out of the way. Another thing is to be explicit. If so, of course I criticize it.

What kind of music do you listen to? I have a wide range: I am a fan of Caleb, for example. Suddenly I listen to flamenco, very classic things, jazz, electronics … I pass from Calvin Harris to David Guetta. Also alternative, I am a fan of Izal, Love of Lesbian and Vetusta Morla.

How would it be defined? I have a hard time doing it because I am one hundred things at a time.

Ava Max: "Pablo is talented, a genius and a very good person"

Ava Max and Pablo Alborán.
Ava Max and Pablo Alborán.

What has been the best and the worst of collaborating with Pablo Alborán? The best thing is that he is very talented, a genius and a very good person, he really is. The worst thing is that it is not American and we cannot stay. I am very grateful that you would like to sing with me.

How would you define Pablo? It is perfect [laughs]. I think he's a very good and honest boy. Working with him has been a dream.

After three hitsWorld, do you think 'Taboo' will be a new success? Who knows, the important thing is that in the end the fans want to dance with her. When I first heard her, I quickly knew that I wanted to sing her.

In the video clip, which is spectacular, he played as a girlfriend for which two men fight. Did it cost you a lot? No way. I loved playing that role. It was very simple for me.

Pablo sings in English, but you don't in Spanish. Why didn't you dare? Because I am not very good at it!

What do you think of our country? What do you like best? I know Madrid and I love it, it is one of my favorite cities. I really like paella! Also flamenco and of course the Spanish people

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