"If 7-8 coaches will refuse, my turn will come too!" Sumudica, about coming to the national: "I'm popular and I'm proud of it!"


Romania has a double fire to qualify for EURO 2020.

Romania prepares for the decisive matches with Sweden and Spain, live on PRO TV, on November 15 and 18, respectively at 21:45.

If you miss the qualification, Contra can leave the national team.

Marius Sumudica confessed that he would accept to be a selectman, but he knows that he is not among the first on the list. The current coach of Gaziantep Gazisehir says that 7-8 coaches must refuse the national to be contacted.

"There are coaches who are more qualified than me and have more experience than me. Probably, if they refuse about 7-8 coaches, the new one will come and Sumudica's turn. I'm good where I am now. I train in Europe. if I will be in their calculations, I will definitely answer promptly with 'Yes!'. I am proud, I am a popular guy, I think he loves me a lot of people, since I win all these surveys on the sites ", Sumudica said.

Sumudica does not believe that Romania has chances to qualify

In double with Sweden and Spain Marius Sumudica does not believe that Romania has chances to obtain the qualification.

"Even if we beat Sweden, it is difficult to qualify Romania. At this level there is no humanity. No, Spain is Spain. I want to qualify, I want the beating of Contra, but I think at this moment the chances are below 50% ", was Sumi's verdict.

All Romania sees Romania! at PRO TV FINAL Fights for the national team: Friday, November 15, 9:45 pm, Romania – Sweden! Monday, November 18, 9:45 pm, Spain – Romania!

Again to the Euro! Thursday, November 14, 20:30 Romania U21 – Finland U21, live on PRO TV!

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