In Jalisco Trench 25 bodies have been found


By Franco Daniel Gómez

They add 25 bodies located in a grave within an estate in the town of El Zapote, municipality of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, 12 days after the attack on elements of the National Guard, which resulted in the assurance of three buildings.

The subsequent actions of the National Guard left 15 detainees for allegedly engaging in the illegal deprivation of the liberty of citizens, and whom the Jalisco Attorney General's Office involves with the bodies of 25 people, of which five correspond to women and 20 to men.

Only six people, from the bodies found, have been identified by their relatives and had an investigation folder opened by the Office of the Specialized Prosecutor for Missing Persons. The state authority said that "due to information crossings," these six people had criminal records.

The Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences has 13 bags with evidence that is under investigation, and the insured farm, where the pit was found, is part of an investigation derived from the arrest of the 15 people in a warehouse where citizens were kidnapped.

The events began when the now detained attacked elements of the National Guard, on November 6, after detecting a suspect leaving a warehouse from where shots were fired.

After the operation, the elements released eight people who were deprived of their freedom.

Of the 15 detainees, 12 of them were sentenced to a year and a half of pretrial detention and three minors are under observation of the authority.

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