INCREDIBLE figures at a polling station in Sibiu: present by 300% until noon – News on sources


According to the official data provided by the Central Electoral Bureau, the attendance at the polling station in Păltiniș is 300%, at the time of transmitting the news. 80 tourists voted here on additional lists.

Until the time of transmitting the news, of the 26 voters on the permanent lists did not express any right, but 80 voters voted on additional lists, according to Mediafax.

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And in Băile Felix resort the presence is 157%, 589 people voting on additional lists.

At the opposite pole, in the town of Belin Vale, Covasna county, 16 people voted, the presence being 1.45%.

Small presence also in Vaslui, where in a section organized at Șc. High school Constantin Parfene, 7 people voted.

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