Infringement proceedings against the United Kingdom. The ultimatum given to the London government


So on November 22, Boris Johnson will have to submit this proposal to the European Commission.

Against this backdrop, the European Commission launched an infringement procedure on Thursday night against the United Kingdom for not appointing a Commissioner.

"As guardian of the treaties, the European Commission has today sent a letter of formal notification to the United Kingdom of breach of EU Treaty obligations by failing to nominate a candidate for the post of European Commissioner. The United Kingdom must submit its views by Friday, November 22nd. The short period of time is justified by the fact that the next Commission must take over the leadership as soon as possible ”, shows the European Commission statement.

Gov. Boris Johnson announced that he will nominate a European Commissioner after the anticipated legislative poll on December 12

Ursula von der Leyen received a letter from London on Wednesday night through Thursday.

In the letter sent on 13 November, the British authorities consider that they are not in a position to suggest a candidate for an EU Commissioner position.

The entry into force of the Von der Leyen Commission is scheduled for December 1, 2019.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had announced in July that his country would "by no means appoint a Commissioner for the new Commission which takes office on December 1".

The United Kingdom will leave the European Union no later than January 31, 2020, after the EU-27 leaders decided to postpone the Brexit by three months in October.

Also, Ursula von der Leyen sent an official letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on November 6, asking him for two names – a man and a woman – for the post of European Commissioner.

The deadline for the British government to respond was November 11th.

The Brexit was extended until January 31, 2020. Initially, the UK had to leave the EU on March 29, a postponed term twice, for April 12 and then for October 31, according to

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