Is gamification what my business needs?


Learning can be a game. It is the base from which the gamification, a process that introduces mechanics and game design in non-playful contexts, such as a campaign for a particular product. In other words, apply the techniques used by video game creators and apply them to channels like a brand, a Web page, a company app or a training day.

Gamification does not necessarily have to be the same as a classic game, but it does convert brand elements to make them more playful. In this way, any company can increase customer engagement, potential clients and collaborators. Reward the user, both in reality and in the game, improves fidelity, The attraction, the positive rating of any brand and allows differentiation.

In addition, gamification helps reach and connect with different targets and to generate big data of value for the database of the company. The interaction between the users of the company generates a series of useful data to identify their interests and behaviors and adjust the offers with greater customization.

Incorporate gamification into your business strategy

But how can a good gamification strategy be generated? Forbes gave about it seven tips to add it to the business marketing plan successfully:

1. Know your audience.
2. Identify how the competition works.
3. Have clear objectives.
4. Establish incentives.
5.Design a simple structure.
6. Set deadlines.
7. Do not be afraid to evolve.

Success stories

The Good Burger – Updated Word Search

The hamburger chain is a clear example of how to bring gamification to social networks. In his case Instagram has become more than once the best playground.

Fanta – The most colorful battle

Taking advantage of the popularity of games like Clash of Clans, Fanta presented a game last summer to publicize its new flavors. Battle of Flavors He invited users to choose his team and compete in a medieval-style battle.

Nike + – A massive race

If you are a fan of running, surely you know the application Nike +, in which the user competes against himself and against the Nike community. The tool records speeds, distances traveled and calories burned and, at the same time, invites the user to share their sports performance while improving and extending the image of Nike.


Clear example of effective gamification aimed at workers. The application allows you to control time management, methods or linking with the company through a system of rewards and play. Five minutes a week and an intuitive system do the rest.

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