Isa Pantoja suffers a spectacular accident on her birthday and is forced to go to the hospital


Isa Pantoja turned last Friday and her boyfriend, Asraf Beno, decided to organize a party with the closest ones. Though not everything went well, since the day after the celebration had to go to the hospital.

This Monday, Anabel Pantoja has counted on Save me what happened to your cousin andassured that he got scared when he knew he was in the hospital. As explained, it was Isa P who contacted the collaborator to reassure her.

"They were at the celebration in the cape, in a part of the farm. It had rained and he told me that he ran to tell some friends to take a picture and, apparently, he slipped and fell in such a way that it hit the head", Anabel Pantoja explained in the program. And, although Isabel Pantoja's daughter did not want to give it importance, it seems that the next day he began to feel bad and ended up going to the hospital, where they decided put a collar.

The collaborators have asked the niece of the nonsense why the singer went to the hospital with the same birthday clothes if one day had already passed, to which Anabel has replied that Asraf had prepared a surprise for him in a hotel and, after waking up, he they went to the hospital with what they put on.

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