Islamic Jihad breaks the ceasefire announced by Gaza and Israel and launches rockets again


The anti-aircraft sirens sounded again on the morning of this Thursday, after a four-hour calm, by the rocket launch from Gaza despite the ceasefire, with Egyptian mediation, to end fifty hours of escalation between Israel and Islamic Jihad.

The Gaza Ministry of Health reported on Wednesday night and this morning that two other Palestinians died in southern Gaza and six in the center, which increases the death toll to 34, most militiamen, since climbing began on Tuesday morning.

"Five projectiles were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel. The system of Iron Dome Defense intercepted two of the projectiles, "the Army said in a statement.

Both the Islamic Islamist group Islamic Jihad and Israel had confirmed today the cessation of hostilities after a violent night, of Israeli rockets and bombings of reprisals, and after the last launch from the enclave that had been recorded at 7.00 (5.00 GMT).

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