Ismael Beiro reveals some 'GH 1' contestants expelled from the WhatsApp group that made


The first edition of Big Brother, which premiered on April 23, 2000, marked a before and after in the history of our television.

Ismael, Ania, Jorge, Silvia, Israel and company went down in the history of Spanish television after participating in the reality par excellence.

Now, almost 20 years later, and after much talk about its protagonists, secrets that surely delight fans of the format continue to be revealed.

For example, about the WhatsApp group created by the contestants of that iconic first edition. It was Ismael Beiro, winner of that edition, the one who created it. This was revealed in his visit to A year of your life, the program presented by Toñi Moreno in Canal Sur.

"We all started in a WhatsApp group, which I set up and we have already thrown people", told Toñi Moreno at the watchful eye of Rosa López, also a guest, who confessed that her WhatsApp group of OTIt had already dissolved for work reasons.

The Cadiz did not stay there and even gave some names of the 'expelled': "We had one at the beginning, but many of them [competition partners] went to programs and I will explain why we have thrown them out. They call me and they say that María José Galera has spoken on a set, because outside of the group. And later Israel and Silvia separated, so Israel was"Beiro justified.

Thus, he said, of the 14 contestants who went through the first edition, only a few continue, just over half. "In the end we have been eight"said the winner of GH 1.

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