Israel kills an Islamic Jihad leader and his wife in Gaza and his son and another person in Damascus


Israel killed this tuesday to a Leaderof the armed arm of Islamic Jihad in a selective bombing of his house in Gaza City, in which his wife also died, confirmed official sources. The Ministry of Health reported the death of two people and several injured by Israeli aviation and the Islamic Jihad Islamic group confirmed that one of them was Bahaa Abu al Ata, leader of the armed arm Battalions of Al Quds.

In the same period of time, the state agency SANA indicated that two rockets hit the home of Akram al Ajuri, one of the leaders of Islamic Jihad and a member of the political council that operates from Damascus, although it is unknown if he has been a victim, while one of his sons, Moaz, and another civilian have perished in the event Further, ten other people have been injured, including one of the daughters from Ajuri, identified as Batul.

"Israel has crossed the red lines," the Palestinian Islamist group warned it's a statement. Islamic Jihad, who claimed that the author has been the "Zionist enemy" in reference to Israel, confirmed that Akram al Ajuri's home was the target, which caused the death of one of his sons, without giving more details about the whereabouts of the Palestinian leader. Syrian state television attributed the "aggression" to Israel, which has not said it carried out this attack in Damascus.

The Israeli Army did confirm that the objective of the attack in Gaza had been the leader of Islamic Jihad, who is responsible "directly for hundreds of terrorist attacks against civilians and Israeli soldiers ". According to Army spokesman Jonathan Conricus, the leader of the Palestinian Islamist group had planned attacks on designated days in Israel this year and planned a plan soon, so his death "mitigates a threat."

The operation in Gaza was carried out jointly with the Shin Bet intelligence service and the selective bombing took place around 4.00 (2.00 GMT) against the floor of a building of the Sheyaiya neighborhood where Al Ata was.

Operation approved by Netanyahu

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the head of Defense, Naftalí Benet, who has held the position since this Sunday, approved the operation, but Conricus said that it's not about a return to the policy of selective killings. Islamic Jihad has been designated as responsible for the latest rocket launches towards Israel, although the Army used to respond against the objectives of the Islamist Hamas group that controls de facto Gaza and to which it is responsible for all action from the strip.

The anti-aircraft sirens began ringing on Tuesday in Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip for the massive projectile launch that began shortly after Al Ata's death was known. The Army said to be prepared for an escalation and will respond to the different scenarios.

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