it cannot be folded in the cold; Here are the temperatures


Huawei Mate X was the second foldable phone in the mainstream after Samsung Galaxy Fold, but in turn suffered a delay in launch. Huawei wanted to adjust some last-minute problems. Today we learn that a new problem has arisen with the foldable, which has to suffer at low temperatures.

The Mate X 5G terminal arrives in stores on November 15, at least in China. It costs around 2,300 euros and was prized more than Galaxy Fold at first, at least for design and format. Talks about a successor, the Huawei Mate Xs, have also recently begun. But this is not what interests us, but the new problem. It is recognized by the official product page itself, where it is clearly written that the phone cannot be folded at or below 5 ° C.

Basically the phone is more fragile than we think and does not cope too well at very low temperatures. That would leave a large part of the users in the cold Russia for example or the Nordic countries. This meant that for about 2-3 months a year you cannot remove the phone from the house if you expose it below -5 ° C …

In addition, it seems that Huawei has announced that Mate X contains "high precision components" and in order to prolong its life we ​​must avoid foreign matter, liquid, dust or the like from entering the hinge. From the factory the terminal will come with a special protective film, which must not be removed. We already know the story from Samsung.

The explanation related to the problem of the Huawei terminal, in my opinion, is given by physics and is related to the change of the resistance of the plastic material (P-OLED), which becomes more resistant to bending, as the temperature drops.

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